Perche il Factoring


Our services may help you mitigate the risks associated with the late or failed payment of your receivables and transform fixed costs into variable management costs.

The difference between a bank loan and factoring:

  • Factoring is a product based on Asset Based Lending ("ABL").
  • The focus is on the value of the receivables and the quality of the debtors and not only on the creditworthiness assessment.
  • Factoring is a flexible structure since the loan is closely linked to the assigned turnover and may be used depending on the customer's needs.
  • Factoring may positively affect the financial statement ratios of a customer (e.g. liquidity and solvency).
  • Factoring is more efficient than a bank loan in terms of short-term financing.
  • It is a credit insurance service to protect against debts.
  • Customized solutions are available according to your needs.
  • Better credit possibilities are very often available compared to bank loans as they are based on the current value of the sales register and not on historical management information.
  • In many markets, the ​​factor has full ownership of the receivables and as a consequence is not subject to challenges from other security interests.
  • Thanks to the management of the receivables, factors do not only have a direct contact with the customer but also with the debtors.
  • Mitigating risks over more than one buyer rather than one customer.