Coronavirus covid 19: Customers communication

Dear Customers,

Due to this difficult situation that we are living in our country,  IFITALIA would like to confirm to you our closeness and full availability.

All the group operations, national and international, are guaranteed and all commercial activities are still available in all areas of Italy.

All ours points of contact are still active, in compliance with the directives to the indications derived from the latest Decrees.

Our service is always guaranteed thanks to careful /accurate /strict business plan continuity, that allows IFITALIA to manage whatever possible development.

IFITALIA has further increased all the security measures, with strict determination to enforce the directives of the competent authorities for the benefit of our Customers and our Colleagues.

Our top priority is to ensure the continuity of our best possible service to respond as usual to every specific requirement.

IFITALIA is aware of the economic and financial situation, for this reason IFITALIA also took action by providing a series of concrete initiatives in favor of the companies all over the country.

BNL and Bnp Paribas are offering the possibility to suspend for 6 months the mortgage principal portion of the monthly installments or the half-yearly installment of the short and medium term loan in regular amortization,  which payment will shift during the expected repayment plan.

The campaign is available for every company, from the small business  to the large company.

In addition, Artigiancassa - the reference bank of micro and small artisan enterprises, owned by BNL and Confartigianato, CNA and Casartigiani - makes available dedicated credit lines to companies, to mitigate any temporary shortage of liquidity deriving from the current situation.

All of us  are at your complete disposal.

With regards,
IFITALIA BNP Paribas Group