Coronavirus covid 19: update for Ifitalia Customers

Dear valued client,
Due to this difficult situation that we are living in our country, in Europe and in the whole world, IFITALIA would like to confirm to you our closeness and full availability.

IFITALIA and BNP Paribas in Italy and in the whole world, have been working round the clock to do whatever it takes to protect our people and businesses.

We have reinforced all the security measures, with strict determination to enforce the directives of the competent authorities for the benefit of our Customers and our Colleagues.

Among the security measures, we are committed to taking the necessary steps to avoid potential disruptions of service to our clients. These efforts include remote access capabilities for our employees. We have extended remote working and remote interaction with our Customers to ensure operational continuity, respecting the indications of the competent authorities for the benefit of the entire community in which we live.
IFITALIA is therefore fully operational and we have also Business Continuity plans that will allow us to better manage every possible scenario.

We ask you, in your interest, to anticipate the operations of assignment of credits with respect to the financing needs, due to the new operational activities and the generalized problems that are affecting the various economic operators, especially where a specific execution date is required .

We stand ready to support you through our digital channel Mediana to have adequate safety standards and simplify and speed up their execution.

 If you have not yet activated the operations through the digital portal Mediana, you can do so through your sales contacts, the customer management contacts, or by contacting the dedicated toll-free number 800-909158.
In this regard, we inform you that we have made available an updated guide to the use of portal Mediana, also for the new features available, inside the website https://mediana.ifitalia.it in the "Handbooks" section.
Finally, we recommend the use of the Digital Signature and certified e-mail channel to send any provisions that don’t go through the Mediana digital portal.

We are certainly living in extraordinary times, and we are confident in our team members’ ability to adapt to these temporary changes seamlessly as we continue to deliver the level of service you deserve as a valued IFITALIA customer. 

Please be assured, that all our sales account managers and all operations are there for you:  our customers’ business continuity is a key priority. We want to minimize service disruptions or impacts to your business. Our goal is to offer the level of quality, responsiveness and support that you expect from IFITALIA.

Thank you for your full understanding and cooperation,

IFITALIA Gruppo BNP Paribas