This device is not intended for the management of complaints, which are subject to a separate processing process in accordance with current regulations.

The BNP Paribas Group is committed to scrupulously respecting laws and regulations as well as enforcing the rules contained in its Code of Conduct.

The Whistleblowing device, accessible from this page, allows you to report information relating to a crime or offence, a threat or damage to the public interest, a violation or an attempt to conceal a violation of applicable and mandatory law (read , regulations, etc.) or a violation of the Group Code of Conduct.

Reports are handled by Human Resources and Compliance representatives in a confidential manner and in compliance with current legislation.

Whistleblowers benefit from the protection against the risk of retaliation provided for by the local legislation applicable to them. ​

The improper use of the Whistleblowing device can expose the whistleblower to disciplinary sanctions (if employed) or criminal actions, however, the use of this device in good faith will not expose its author to any disciplinary sanctions, even if the facts subsequently transpire reveal to be inaccurate or do not give rise to any follow-up.

By submitting a report, you declare that you have read and understood the information relating to the BNP Paribas Whistleblowing device and the protection of personal data, see link: Privacy



Frequent questions


Below are the most frequently asked questions: ​


When to report?

When there is reason to believe that a violation of a law or of the BNP Paribas Code of Conduct has been committed or in the event of a threat or damage to the public interest.


How to make a report?

In the case of an external Third Party, use the form available on this page.

In the case of a Collaborator (Group Employee or external staff), use the specific channels indicated in the internal procedures and on the company intranet.


Can the report be anonymous?

Yes, reporting can be anonymous.

However, it is advisable to provide information that allows the Contact Person to be able to make contact


Will the reporter be informed of the follow-up given to the report?

A confirmation of receipt of the report will be sent upon receipt of the report and you may be asked some questions to conduct the investigation appropriately. Information will also be provided regarding the status of the management of the report and the outcome of the investigation.


Will confidentiality be guaranteed? ​

Yes, the contact persons are trained to manage Whistleblowing reports confidentially and take appropriate measures in this regard.


What situations can be reported? ​

The reports that can be made via the device are represented in the following non-exhaustive list:


  • acts of corruption and influence peddling or any other violation of probity;
  • acts of fraud (e.g. use of incorrect information in the creation of a credit application or misappropriation of funds);
  • professional behavior contrary to the provisions relating to "respect for persons" (for example, discrimination, harassment, sectarian drift, etc.;
  • violation of the rules of professional ethics (for example conflict of interest);
  • violation of financial security regulations (e.g. money laundering, terrorist financing, failure to comply with rules relating to sanctions and embargoes);
  • anti-competitive practices (for example abuse of a dominant position);
  • violation of the integrity of the markets (e.g. market abuse);
  • violation of the rules protecting the interests of customers (for example invoicing of commissions without informing the customer, undue or excessive arbitration in a delegated management account);
  • unauthorized communication of confidential information, theft or leakage of data;
  • violation of human rights and fundamental freedoms, of the health and safety of people or of the environment, detected in the context of activities carried out by a Group Entity or in the context of activities carried out by a subcontractor or supplier in the the scope of a business relationship established with the Group or one of its Entities (for example if a subcontractor is suspected of using underage workers);
  • serious violations of BNP Paribas Group supplier policies;
  • serious violations of the BNP Paribas Group policies on the use of social media.



Referrals are trained to treat reports confidentially and they take appropriate measures to do so.

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