Factoring Sola Gestione

Only collection

Ifitalia's Management Service is an opportunity to outsource and improve trade receivable management process by shortening the average collection times and improving the working capital rotation while saving on fixed costs and transforming them into variable management costs.

Ifitalia systematically monitors the payments and solvency of the debtors, also issuing the necessary payment requests. If necessary, and in agreement with the Supplier, Ifitalia carries out out-of-court recovery actions or notice of default of the Debtor and the consequent legal actions.


Ifitalia is able to offer a high customisation of managerial techniques, adapting them to the specific needs of customers and the characteristics of the various product sectors.

Receivables for the Public Administration

This service is the ideal solution improve cash flow from Suppliers of P.A.

Multilocal solution

It is a factoring solution provided for companies operating internationally, with subsidiaries in different jurisdictions and looking for a coordinated multi-country approach with a multi-country booking and follow-up (dunning, collection, …) where contracts and financing remain locally.

Pan- european solution

The Pan-European solution is ideal for multinational companies that want to support their foreign branches with a centralized factoring service provided by IFITALIA.

International factoring

The International credit management for Import and Export.

With recourse factoring

Factoring With Recourse is the ideal product for those companies that record significant growth in working capital and need to lighten the administrative load.

Without Recourse factoring

Factoring Without Recourse is aimed at medium and large companies desiring to hedge the insolvency risk of their customers, and establish certain liquidity policies in their budgets.

Not Notification

The Not Notification Factoring service is particularly suitable for those companies interested in hedging against the risk of insolvency of the customer and that prefer to maintain control of the entire customer portfolio management process.

Maturity factoring

Maturity factoring is the ideal solution to guarantee to the companies a regular cash flow on due dates.

Reverse factoring

Reverse factoring is a valuable solution that promotes financing in an uniquely efficient manner for all parties involved.

Only collection

Ifitalia's only collection service is an opportunity to improve trade receivable management process by shortening the average collection times and improving the working capital rotation.